A Tribute to the Best of Santana- December 20th at 6pm

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27 November 2018, Comments: Comments Off on A Tribute to the Best of Santana- December 20th at 6pm
Dec. 20, 2018 – 6PM
A Tribute to the Best of Santana *FLG*
At The Gaslight Music Hall
Tickets: $20 general admission


Based out of Tucson, Arizona this group pays homage to Carlos Santana. This seven piece band, is composed of musicians that are dedicated to authentically presenting the sounds of Santana. The band prides itself on giving audiences an authentic Latin flavor that is accentuated with the motifs and signatures of Santana that have become familiar to audiences worldwide. What sets this band apart from many; is their willingness to probe deep into the extensive catalog an engage listeners with not only the staples of Santana, but some of the earlier gems released that may not been exposed to the level that his newer material has been able to! The founder and lead for the group is Frank Lopez, who not only plays the part of Santana, he looks the part! Frank’s level of commitment to the sound of Santana is so fierce, that he even plays on instruments that were featured by Santana. The show is very electric and has captivated listeners everywhere they have performed. Not only is the band committed to authentically delivering a show that sounds like Santana, they are committed to perform the show with excellence that will engage listeners from the first note to the last note.